I’m R.D. Hero, aka RoughDraftHero. Email me at roughdrafthero@yahoo.com.

I like writing about people who shouldn’t fall in love. Right now my tastes seem to fall towards ABO, Sentinel AU, and other random tropey things which include these keywords: MM, Spanking, Dominant/Submissive, Age Difference (with the older being submissive), Fantasy, Post-Apocalypse, Werewolves, Superheroes, and so on.

You can find my free writing … well, just about everywhere. But let’s just link to Ao3, where I’m most active at the moment. I have published works from Riptide, Dreamspinner, and Less Than Three Press, which you can find top right.

I’m also on Patreon! Support me an you will gain access to even MORE random junk that I write 😀 including a one shot sequel to Rorschach Blots.